Uni the Unicorn How to Say Thank You

Uni the Unicorn How to Say Thank You

Krouse Rosenthal, Amy

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New York Times bestseller Uni the Unicorn is ready to learn all the ways we say thank you -- in a kid-friendly paperback, complete with tear-out thank you cards! Celebrate the magic of believing with Uni the Unicorn! It's a beautiful Autumn day in the Land of Unicorns. When Uni finds a tree in the orchard drooping, Uni's friend Silky uses her magic to help the tree spring to life. Uni wants to say thank you, but isn't sure how. Sunshine? A song? A little bit of Uni magic? Luckily, Uni knows just who to ask to learn how to say thank you! UNI paperback storybooks have a strong magical theme and a hopeful message (plus a punch-out thank you card, too!) In Uni's beautiful world, we see Uni experiencing real world feelings that kids can identify with and familes want to read about.

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