Everything You Need to Know about FBF

Why choose Fantastic Book Fairs (the only local online book fair)?

    • Help school families feel connected with a fundraising goal
    • Generate fundraising for your PTO with very little volunteer effort (20% commission*)
    • Provide a local source for quality books and popular titles to families
    • Offer 1) at-school “Car Line” pick up, 2) delivery to classroom as appropriate or 3) in-store pick up.
    • Support “everyone reads together” or assigned reading programs
    • We are very flexible and want to make your online fair a success

    Title Selection:

    As bookstore owners we know what’s “hot” in children’s books and are eager to work directly with your organization to tailor some of the book selection to your school. We offer fiction and non-fiction as well as fun titles including plenty of graphic novels plus a selection of adult titles and holiday items when appropriate (book lights, cook books, gift books etc.). FBF purchases from all the major publishers and we warehouse our inventory locally.  

    Teacher/Library Wish Lists:

    Have your teachers make an easily accessible online wishlist for their classroom or library.  Then, they can share the generated link to help parents purchase the books they want for their classrooms and online teaching.

    Easy Ordering:

    Easy-to-navigate website with pictures and book descriptions of books.  Share-able online flipbook to make promotion of the fair and our hot titles even easier.


    Book Fairs are a time-honored tradition in school fundraising and we’re thrilled to help support your schools while you in turn support two independent, local bookstores.

    Online/Virtual Book Fair Commission Details
    Gross Sales  % to Organization Cash
    <$2000 10% up to $250
    $2001-$10000 20% $400-$2000
    $10,001-$20,000 22% $2000+


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