Everything You Need to Know About FBF

Why Choose Fantastic Book Fairs?

    • New for 2021 - Single day outdoor fairs
    • Shop our extensive collection online
    • Generate fundraising for your PTO with competitive commission rates
    • Provide a local source for quality books and popular titles to families
    • Integrated teacher/library wishlists.  Teachers make their list online and parents can buy books online or in person.
    • We are very flexible and want to make your online fair a success
    • FBF purchases from all the major publishers and we warehouse our inventory locally.
    • Straightforward website with cover art and book descriptions so ordering and discovering great books is easy.

    Title Selection:

    With years of experience in bookstores and book fairs, we curate a wide selection of books of all reading and interest levels.

    • Fiction - picture books, leveled readers, classics, and chapter books
    • Non-Fiction that kids really enjoy including graphic and large format discovery books
    • Fun titles - Mad Libs, joke books, minecraft and more including plenty of graphic novels
    • Adult titles and gift books (book lights, cook books, gift books, bookmarks  etc.)

    Teacher/Library Wish Lists:

    Have your teachers make an easily accessible online wishlist for their classroom or library.  Then, they can share the generated link to help parents purchase the books they want for their classrooms and online teaching.


    Book Fairs are a time-honored tradition in school fundraising and we’re thrilled to help support your schools while you in turn support two independent, local bookstores.

    Online-Only Book Fair Commission Details

    Online-only fairs are easier to plan around COVID safety concerns, but this format generally brings lower sales totals.  Because sales may be lower, we're offering a higher commission. Commission for all online-only fairs, regardless of sales volume: 24%


    Hybrid Online/In-School Book Fair Commission Details

    Gross Sales  % to Organization Cash
    <$2000 10% up to $200
    $2001-$8000 20% $400-$1600
    $8,001-$20,000 22% $1760+


    Single Day OUTDOOR In-School Book Fair
    (includes abbreviated online sales period)

    Outdoor fairs will be offered in October only.  All fairs are subject to weather conditions and planning must include a preferred date and an alternate date in case of rain or extreme cold.  School must have an available outdoor power source.  Tents can be provided by FBF if the school does not have access to a minimum of 200sf of tented space.

    Gross Sales % to Organization  Cash
    <$2000 10% up to $200
    $2001+ 24% $480+



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