Teacher Book Funding Program Details

Fantastic Book Fairs (FBF) has made an exciting change to the former wish list program that will greatly improve how you get books for your classroom this year! 

  • You will be notified by email when your fund is created (initial balance ($0.01) AND notificed when money gets added.
  • Parents will add money to a book buying fund that you can spend at the Fair OR here online with the 16 digit code in your email
  • The link to add to the funds will be available on our school’s book fair landing page www.fantasticbookfairs.com/pages/YourSchoolName
  • Bring the 16 digit code from your email to use at the book fair checkout, or use it on this website as your payment method.
  • You can shop while at the Fair, or online during the Fair and for the next 7 days after the Fair ends.
  • Get a close look at what’s on the tables at the Fair, or shop the broader selection online
  • Books ordered online will be delivered to the school 2-3 weeks after the fair is over.
  • At the end of the buying period unspent funds from all teachers in your school will be transferred to the PTO in a lump sum.
  • Please Note: At checkout, your fund number goes in the box on the right side of the screen as pointed out below.

Fantastic Book Fairs heard you loud and clear that the wish lists were cumbersome to create and track.  So, instead of paging through huge lists and hoping the books will be bought, or worrying about a book that looks good but you want to check out the content first, you can manage the whole process yourself. 

Note: While FBF is collectively owned by The Book Oasis and The Book Rack, these funds may only be spent at the in-school Book Fair or on the fantasticbookfairs.com website but can not be used at the store locations.

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