Strange History

Strange History

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Whether it’s B.C. or A.D., you’ll be wondering WTF!. This exciting title from the folks at the Bathroom Readers' Institute contains the strangest short history articles from over 30 Bathroom Readers—along with 50 all-new pages. From the 20th century to the Old West, from the Age of Enlightenment to the Dark Ages, from ancient cultures all the way back to the dawn of time, Strange History is overflowing with mysterious artifacts, macabre legends, kooky inventions, reality-challenged rulers, boneheaded blunders, and mind-blowing facts. Read about…The curse of MacbethStupid history: Hollywood styleThe secret LSD experiments of the 1960sIn search of the lost “Cloud People” of PeruThe Swedish queen who declared war on fleasUnearthing the past with the Outhouse DetectivesThe Apollo astronaut who swears he saw a UFOHow to brew a batch of 5,000-year-old beerThe brutal bloodbaths at Rome’s ColiseumGhostly soup from ancient ChinaThe bathroom of the 1970s And much, much more!

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