Heroes of Space: Who Changed the World (Graphic Greats)

Heroes of Space: Who Changed the World (Graphic Greats)


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Learn all about some amazing pioneers of space in a graphic novel format! Learn about the Imprisoned Genius (Galilei); the Original Rocket Man (Robert H. Goddard); the First Woman in Space (Valentina Tereshkova); and more pioneers of space. Graphic novels are all the rage, and there are lots of great reasons why. Kids love reading them since the images reinforce the story and make it move at the perfect pace. Our Graphic Greats series combines the stories of incredible people with graphic illustrations that amplify the meaning of the story and keep kids riveted to each book. It's perfect for dyed-in-the-wool readers as well as those who might otherwise never read for enjoyment. Exciting stories and inspiring illustrations of heroic adventurers, innovators, dreamers, and doers make these the kinds of books that kids will return to again and again.

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