Terupt: Goodbye Mr. Terupt

Terupt: Goodbye Mr. Terupt


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The seven kids who bonded in Mr. Terupt's fifth-grade class are now in eighth grade, reunited with their beloved teacher, and vow to make the year as memorable as possible.. Jeffrey, Alexia, Anna, Danielle, Luke, Peter, and Jessica are thrilled to have their beloved teacher, Mr. Terupt, back for the school year--this time as their biweekly adviser. They still rely on him for guidance in all things, school and life. . When Mr. Terupt reveals what his plan is after the school year ends, the students hatch bucket-list type projects to show their appreciation for him in order to make the school year important, memorable, and way bigger than just the group. Will the gang stick together down to the final project? Will their friendships endure after the difficult goodbye?

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