Fairy Animals of Misty Wood (Paige/Penny/Bailey)

Fairy Animals of Misty Wood (Paige/Penny/Bailey)


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Enter an enchanted world of fairy animal friends!In Penny the Puppy . . .Penny the Puppy is trying to learn how to count, but she keeps getting distracted. With help from some new friends, Penny might just find a way to keep her numbers straight!In Paige the Pony . . .Paige the Pony wants to enter the Prettiest Pony Competition. Will she be able to keep herself neat and tidy while helping out her friends in Misty Wood? In Bailey the Bunny . . .Bailey the Bunny loves springtime, but when she gets the hiccups, she fears she won't be able complete her special job. Can mischievous Petey the Puppy help?

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