Roosevelt's Fantastic Virtual Book Fair

Fantastic Book Fairs is proud to partner with your school to promote reading and raise funds to help make this school year as successful as possible. Thank you to the staff, teachers and PTO for choosing to make your fair fantastic!

Fair Dates: 3/21 through 3/28

Choose In-School Delivery, Home Delivery or Pick Up at The Book Oasis at checkout.

Deliveries will be made the week of April 5th

Buying for a teacher?

Note: Wishlist purchases must be made/purchased one wishlist at a time, and separate from your personal purchases so we can associate each order with the right recipient.

Are you a teacher who wants to make a Wish List? Click for Instructions

Instructions to ensure your sale gets credited to your school and books are delivered to your student

1. Click 'Shop Now' above.  Once you've added your books, proceed to your cart to check out, you'll see the form shown here.

2. Choose Your School in the "Organization to benefit" box and enter your student's name and their teacher's name. Then click 'Check Out'

3. Choose How you want to receive your books: Carline Pickup, Home Delivery, Pickup at the Book Oasis, or Teacher Wishlist.

Trouble with the boxes?  Proceed through checkout to complete your order, then reply to your order confirmation email for assistance.


Fantastic Book Fairs is a joint venture of The Book Oasis and The Book Rack.

Our mission is to provide no-fuss, junk-free book fairs to schools (public/parochial/private) and non-profit organizations that love books as much as we do.

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