Old Everything You Need to Know about FBF

Why choose Fantastic Book Fairs?

  • You work directly with the company owners from start to finish
  • A bookstore staff member can be present for part of your book fair, including evening hours (up to 2 hrs one time) if needed, at no cost or loss of commission
  • We help you set up, we can staff the register in an emergency, and we will help box up when the sale is done
  • You will receive personalized, school-specific service and selection
  • The books are displayed on a combination of covered tables and racks that all students can reach without assistance (our fairs look amazing!)
  • We will not bring any non-book sidelines without your approval (bookmarks, games, book lights, and more)

Title Selection:

As bookstore owners we know what’s “hot” in children’s books and are eager to work directly with your organization to tailor the book selection to your school. We will bring fiction and non-fiction as well as fun titles including plenty of graphic novels plus a selection of adult titles and holiday items when appropriate (book lights, cook books, gift books etc.). Our selection will increase your sales and therefore your profits.

FBF purchases from all the major publishers and we warehouse our inventory locally. We supply several hundred perennial favorites, as well as hundreds of the hottest recently published titles. In the event a title sells out we provide an easy-to-use order form.
      Used Books: By request, we can also provide a small selection of gently-used quality titles to ensure children with a smaller budget can still get a book or two. ($2.50 each) 

Teacher/Library Wish Lists:

Teachers/librarians can fill out a form with their personalized classroom Wish List. With advance notice we can provide curriculum-specific titles if a teacher makes a special request. We also provide the Gift Labels.

Easy Ordering:

We bring multiple copies of popular titles, but to ensure variety we bring fewer copies of some titles and provide a simple order form (Click Here to Download).  Our order form process is very easy; volunteers just take a bar-coded  “Order Me” label and stick it on the order form for processing at the checkout. Books are delivered to your school within 7 business days of the end of your fair.


Book Fairs are a time-honored tradition in school fundraising and we’re thrilled to help support your schools while you in turn support two independent, local bookstores.

Commission Details
Gross Sales  % to Organization Cash
<$2500 10% up to $250
$2501-$5000 20% $500-$1000
$5,001-$20,000* 24% $1250+
Online Sales 15%

*Most common level for 300-400 student elementary school (about $15/student avg)

What we provide:    

  • Cash registers, tablets and bar code scanners
  • Books and approved sidelines, expertise and tips for title selection
  • Pre-sale training on cash register and credit card processing equipment
  • Promotional posters
  • Easy Order Labels, Gift Labels
  • Set up and break down assistance, table cloths and table-top displays

What you provide:
  • A dedicated, secure location to host your fair
  • Volunteers to staff the event (2-10 depending on size and length of the event)
  • Tables to display the books (8-12  6 or 8 foot tables.  FBF can provide some if necessary)
  • Copies of the Order Form downloaded from our website
  • Starting cash for the register (about $100 for each drawer in Ones, Fives, Tens and Quarters)


    Earn Book Bucks:

    Book Bucks are presented as gift certificates to the FBF store of your choice.  These gift certificates can be used by your school or broken down into smaller amounts and used as prizes or for additional fundraising in the school

    First  FBF Fair Bonus: 50-100 Book Bucks
    Combined annual sales* over 10k (incl. Online sales) earn an extra 100 Book Bucks
    Combined annual sales* over 20k (incl. Online sales) earn an extra 200 Book Bucks

    *Annual Sales are calculated from September to June.  For schools with multiple fairs in a calendar year, Book Bucks will be calculated after your last fair of the school year.


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