Fantastic Book Fairs is proud to partner with your school's PTO to promote reading and raise funds to help make this school year as successful as possible. Thank you to the staff, teachers and PTO for choosing to make your fair fantastic!

Fantastic Book Fairs is a joint venture of The Book Oasis and The Book Rack. Our mission is to provide no-fuss, junk-free book fairs to schools (public/parochial/private) and non-profit organizations that love books as much as we do.

Claypit's Fantastic Book Fair

In School Fair Dates 5/13 - 5/17/2024

Teachers: Shop online through 5/24/2024


New for 2024:Teacher Book Buying Funds! You can now fund your teacher's book buying account directly from this page. Look below to find the link for your teacher or search by name. Then click the "Add to the Fund" button next to their name.

This account will be used by the teacher in the fair or online to buy books for their classroom. We've created this system to make it faster and easier for teachers to get great books for their classrooms. We have also removed the Wish Lists.

Looking for a specific, personalized book donation? We recommend buying a book your child loves that is grade appropriate and bringing it directly to the teacher. If your student is not able to attend the fair, you can buy online. Online orders will be delivered to your student's classroom about 2-3 weeks after the fair is over. All books will be delivered to the school. Home delivery is not available.

If you buy books for a student, or as a teacher gift, please make sure to include your student's name and their teacher's name in the appropriate boxes on the shopping cart screen. Two weeks after the Book Fair ends, any donated funds the teacher did not spend will be pooled with the unused funds from the other teachers in your school and donated to your PTO.

Online orders will be delivered 2-3 weeks after the fair.

Find your teacher's name below to fund their account.

You can use CTRL-F (Find) to search for your teacher's name.


Press CTRL-F to search for your teacher's name

Still can't find your teacher's Name? Use the green Contact Us button in the bottom right

Claypit: Anderson Hannah
Claypit: Arees Jessica
Claypit: Biggs Lynette
Claypit: Burman Ruth
Claypit: Comer Deborah
Claypit: Currie Alison
Claypit: Dines Stephanie
Claypit: Duffy Nichole
Claypit: Fiske Michele
Claypit: Foley Darcie
Claypit: Golden Caitlin
Claypit: gordon sarah
Claypit: Grace sherry
Claypit: Huynh Nicole
Claypit: Kelly Lauren
Claypit: kennedy samantha
Claypit: Laudenslager Stacey
Claypit: Mello Diane
Claypit: Moquin Jacqueline
Claypit: Mullin Emily
Claypit: Murphy Kristin
Claypit: Paratore Eirinn
Claypit: rodenbush allison
Claypit: Root Jen
Claypit: Scarpulla Katy
Claypit: Socha Jennifer
Claypit: Tobin Elissa
Claypit: vonderHeyde Emily
Claypit: Wales Liz
Claypit: walther Katy
Claypit: Whitesides Virginia
Claypit: Wood Jamie
Claypit: young kelly
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