Brackett's Fantastic Book Fair


Book Fairs are a time-honored tradition for school fundraising.  Fantastic Book Fairs is proud to be a part of that tradition while also bringing Fundraising into the 21st century with online sales.

Thanks to Judy, Katherine and the rest of the Book Fair committee for working with us!

The fair kicks off Monday 10/29 and will be in the library until 11/2.  But, you can preview our titles or buy now.

Click 'Shop' below to browse our selection.  When you're ready to  check out, choose 'Brackett' in the "Organization to benefit" box.

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Then, when you enter your billing information, you'll be prompted to type in your student's name and their teacher. If you would like this to be a surprise for your student, you can enter 'Christmas, Library' and the order will be dropped off at the library with the name of the orderer on it.

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A portion of the proceeds will be automatically donated to Brackett and the books will be delivered right to your child's classroom.

If you have more than one student, we can deliver all the books to one student, or you can do two separate transactions. Please note that orders from the website will be delivered at the end of the fair and cannot be picked up by a student off the shelves of the fair.

 You can click button below to start shopping 


Fantastic Book Fairs is a joint venture of The Book Oasis and The Book Rack.

Our mission is to provide no-fuss, junk-free book fairs to schools (public/parochial/private) and non-profit organizations that love books as much as we do.


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