Xander Rainbow Barfing Unicorns

Xander Rainbow Barfing Unicorns


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The Rainbow-Barfing Unicorn virus hasn't infected humans . . . until now! In this adventure, twelve-year-old Xander contracts the mysterious virus of the Rainbow-Barfing Unicorns. The virus gives the unicorns their barfing abilities, but it's having the opposite effect on Xander--it's draining him of any color at all! Xander's fate lies in the hands--er, hooves--of Ronk, the most dimwitted of all Rainbow-Barfing Unicorns. This is not good. In fact, this is bad--really, really bad. Plump-full of grotesquely delightful characters and fantastical realms, Xander and the Rainbow-Barfing Unicorns--from writer Matthew K. Manning (Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures)--is so epic it'll make you wanna puke

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