Who Would Win: Killer Whale v Great White

Who Would Win: Killer Whale v Great White


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The killer whale and the great white shark are two of the most powerful predators in the oceans. Which would win a match-up? Against the backdrop of an impending battle between the animals, the book compares and contrasts their physical features.

Readers learn that the whale is a mammal, while the great white shark is a huge fish. The book compares their teeth, their fins, their eating habits, their size, their agility, and their speed in the water. The crucial comparison turns out to be the size of their brains. The great white shark's brain is no match for the killer whale's which is three times larger than a human's brain.

When the two animals meet up for a fight, the whale's bigger brain wins the day. The competition lasts only three seconds. The book leaves readers with another question: Can the ferocious great white shark ever overcome the whale's superior intelligence?

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