Please Don't Read this Book

Please Don't Read this Book


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In this laugh-out-loud book that begs readers to break the rules, silliness and hilarity reign supreme! Perfect for fans of The Book with No Pictures. Wait--are you reading this book? Even though the cover asked you not to? Well, if you're going to read it, then you'll have to follow the rules, or you're going to have WAY too much fun. And you don't want to have FUN, do you? DO YOU?! That's what I thought. So definitely, positively, DO NOT read this book! Join along for zany antics, silly sounds, and endless fun in this breaks-the-fourth-wall book that will have readers coming back time and time again--regardless of what the title says. Praise for Please Don't Read This Book: "Inviting of energetic engagement and laughter." --Kirkus Reviews "'Please Don't Read This Book!' is hard to resist -- and that's clearly the plan." --The Virginian-Pilot

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