Nikki and Deja: Newsy Newsletter

Nikki and Deja: Newsy Newsletter


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Newsy news is not just regular news. It's news that's interesting and exciting. Nikki and Deja know that there's plenty of newsy news happening on their block and  at Carver Elementary, just waiting to be reported. Luckily, Nikki has her  special pen and notepad, Deja has the use of  Auntie Dee's computer, and  they both have lots of ideas. Before long, the Fulton Street Newsy News Newsletter is born. At first, everyone wants to read what the girls have written. But after just  one issue, some unexpected problems arise. Will Nikki and Deja's plans to become celebrated journalists succeed? Like the first two Nikki and Deja stories, this accessible chapter book shines with emotional depth and humor, perfectly capturing the complexities and joys of elementary school girls' friendships.

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