Easy Asian Slow Cookers

Easy Asian Slow Cookers


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The Easy Asian Cookbook for Slow Cookers celebrates the multicultural influences and traditions in Asian cuisine with classic, comfort dishes made easy. From Chinese to Korean, Thai to Filipino, and Indian to Sri Lankan, The Easy Asian Cookbook for Slow Cookers features a variety of recipes that combine classic, family-style favorites with the ease and convenience of the slow cooker appliance. Along with step-by-step instructions and minimal prep, the majority of the recipes call for strict slow cooking, allowing busy folks to ditch the take out and enjoy fresh homemade Asian dishes any night of the week. The Easy Asian Cookbook for Slow Cookers features:Quick and easy prep with the majority of recipes requiring only an average 15-minutes of prep, and little-to-no pre-cookingOver 80 Asian cookbook recipes for classic, comfort dishes like Drunken Noodles and Cambodian Caramelized PorkA culinary geography of Asia that provides flavor profiles of the most common ingredients found in East Asia, Southeast Asia, and South AsiaThe Easy Asian Cookbook for Slow Cookers makes it easy to explore the culinary delights of Asian cuisine with easy recipes for hassle-free slow cooking.

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