Big Book for Minecrafters Graphic

Big Book for Minecrafters Graphic


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Phoenix, a young miner girl, has never known her parents. She has always dreamed of something greater, of seeing the world outside her village and the magical forest that lies just beyond the walls. One day she takes the risk-just a quick hop over the walls-but her forbidden trip changes the course of her life. Thrust into a world of zombies, creepers, witches, and magical monks, Phoenix finds the adventure she craved, but will she find the bravery she needs to save not only her village but the entire Overworld? Containing The Quest for the Golden Apple, Revenge of the Zombie Monks, and The Ender Eye Prophecy, The Big Book of Graphic Novels for Minecrafters will enchant readers of all ages who love playing Minecraft and love stories full of action, adventure, and bravery.

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