Minecraft Unofficial STEM Challenges for Minecrafters

Minecraft Unofficial STEM Challenges for Minecrafters


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Every boy and girl needs to learn to love STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), and there is no better way than to let them learn through the game they love...Minecraft! Give kids the academic advantage with STEM Challenges for Minecrafters: Grades 1-2. This problem-solving workbook challenges young Minecrafters to apply their natural creativity and reasoning skills to real-world situations. Science, technology, engineering, and math come to life on the pages of each colorfully illustrated lesson. This book: Allows young gamers to engineer solutions, crack codes, and stretch their brains in fun and exciting ways Supports STEM education initiatives and builds twenty-first-century learning skills Encourages kids to dive eagerly into this unique, colorful, kid-friendly offline learning adventure Whether it's breaking codes, deciphering maps, designing buildings, or engineering a Redstone trap, first and second graders will discover new ways to stretch their brains, build their confidence, and satisfy their appetite for hands-on learning.

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